Ambassador Chen Li Visited Salo City


At the invitation of Mayor Mr. Lauri Inna, Ambassador Chen Li and his spouse Mme. Qin Sa paid a visit to Salo City on October 31st, 2017.




During the visit, Ambassador Chen met with Mayor Mr. Lauri Inna, Mr. Juhani Nummentalo, Chairman of City Council, Ms. Saija Karnisto-Toivonen, Chairman of City Board and Ms. Terhikki Lehtonen, International Relations Officer of Salo City, and exchanged views on municipal and regional cooperation between two countries.


Visited Salo IOT Campus


Visited Cencorp Automation Company


Visited Arvo Piironen Furniture Manufacturer


Accompanied by the Mayor, Ambassador Chen visited the Salo IOT Campus, Cencorp Automation Company, Arvo Piironen furniture manufacturer.


Ambassador Chen and Mayor Inna interviewed by local media Savon Sedun Sanomat.


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