Notice of the Flight Transit in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport


According to the cooperation reached by the Finnair, Juneyaoair, Helsinki-Vantaa airport and the local hospitals, a health testing point will be set up in the airport international transit area for the flights to China from 7 November 2020. The transit passengers from other countries can apply for the required nucleic acid and IgM antibody tests from the testing point. The passengers are strongly recommended to inquire the airline companies for the testing reservation and details in advance of their flight to Finland.

Finnair +358-10-804042 (6:00-22:00, for testing inquiry only)

Juneyaoair +86-21-95520 (24h)


Passengers going to China must take nucleic acid and IgM anti-body tests within 48 hours before boarding. The transit passengers with the negative tests results can board the flight directly. The green HS code or Health Declaration Form will not be required.

Since the tests will take hours to get the results and the sampling period is limited. The passengers are strongly recommended to confirm the testing procedure with the airline companies and arrange the itinerary accordingly. Failure to obtain the negative tests results means you do not qualify for boarding the flight to China and will have to change your itinerary.


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